• What is 123RF On-The-Go?
    It’s a mobile app that allows you to shoot photos or select images from your mobile device to be uploaded to 123RF.com.
  • Where can I download 123RF On-The-Go?
    123RF On-The-Go is now available for iPhone users. You may directly download the app by visiting http://www.123rf.com/otg
  • What do I need to run 123RF On-The-Go?
    The 123RF On-The-Go mobile app is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 running IOS version 5.1 and above. An updated iOS version is always recommended to run the app in a stable environment.
  • What are the minimum requirements of the photos that 123RF.com will accept?
    123RF.com will accept images that satisfy the following criteria:
    • are 5 megapixels and above;
    • the ISO and noise levels must be kept to a minimum;
    • have adequate lighting which is not over-exposed or under-exposed;
    • are well composed;
    • are commercially viable (have commercial value);
    • are newsworthy or is a coverage of an event of interest.
  • What will happen to the photo I submit?
    When you send your photos to 123RF.com via the 123RF On-The-Go app, your photos will undergo inspection by a team of Image Reviewers who will inspect your photo to ensure that they meet 123RF.com’s content guidelines and requirements. Once the Image Reviewers approve your photo(s), it will be made searchable and licensable on the 123RF.com website within 24 hours from the time of acceptance.
  • What happens to the photos that 123RF rejects?
    We will not put rejected photos up for licensing on 123RF.com. We encourage you to delete the photos from the 123RF On-The-Go App and it will be removed from 123RF.com’s servers within 48 hours. Alternatively, 123RF.com reserves the right to clean and remove rejected items from our storage facilities whenever server maintenence is carried out.
  • Is tagging my photo important, can I just include 2 tags in my photos?
    Image buyers search for suitable content to be used in their campaigns using keywords. If you have tagged your photo appropriately and accurately, the chance of an image buyer locating and eventually licensing your photo will be significantly higher. Therefore, tagging your photo with more than just the minimum 2 tags is highly recommended, a minimum of 7 tags will be best.
  • I have downloaded the App and sent some photos for review, however, my photos are always shown as pending, please help.
    In order to contribute to 123RF.com, you have to first upload a photo identification of yourself. Once we have received your photo ID, we will then begin to review your uploaded photos.
  • Why does 123RF.com need my ID?
    We have to establish the fact that you are over 18 years of age. Additionally, when you qualify to receive payment from 123RF, we need to know the identities of the people whom we pay.
  • What types of photo ID would 123RF.com accept?
    123RF will accept any government issued photo ID with your date of birth and a photo of you attached. These documents may also be used: Passports, National Identification Cards and Driver’s License.
  • Is it safe to upload my ID to 123RF.com?
    Yes - to date, 123RF.com has over 62,000 verified Content Contributors with photo IDs. We encrypt all photo ID uploads to 123RF.com with 256 bit SSL technology - the same standard that we use to encyrpt all e-Commerce transactions, sensitive data transmissions, credit card transactional data and the 2.5 million user registrations that occur on 123RF.com.
  • What is the relationship between 123RF On-The-Go and 123RF.com?
    123RF On-The-Go can be best thought of as the app that supplies the photos you upload to 123RF.com. 123RF.com is an online website that allows prospective buyers to search for and eventually license the images that you have uploaded.
  • What is 123RF.com?
    123RF.com is the publisher of the 123RF On-The-Go mobile app. 123RF.com is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Royalty-Free stock photos, illustrations, footage and audio files. It is one of the world’s top 500 websites with the most traffic. Millions of potential buyers visit 123RF every month to license Royalty-Free files for use in print campaigns, advertisements, web sites, creative projects, videos, production, books, publishing and magazines.
  • What is the relationship between me and 123RF.com once I download and submit my photos through the app?
    You will be considered a 123RF.com Content Contributor and the relationship will be governed by the Terms and Conditions of the 123RF.com Content Contributor Agreement accessible here:http://www.123rf.com/submit/agreement.php
  • What license 123RF.com will sublicensed my photos under?
    All content made available for sale at 123RF.com is licensable under a Royalty-Free license.
  • What is a Royalty-Free license?
    Royalty-Free means that once the license fee has been paid, the owner of the license need not pay any additional fees for any form of usage that is permitted under the Royalty-Free license agreement.
  • What are 123RF’s Royalty-Free license terms and conditions?
    Please visit http://www.123rf.com/license.php?type=standard for the most updated licensing terms and conditions of 123RF’s various Royalty-Free Licensing Agreements.
  • What can’t my images be used for?
    123RF.com’s License Agreement states very specifically that images licensed from 123RF.com cannot be used for any pornographic, obscene, immoral, defamatory or illegal materials; endorsement of product(s); sensitive mental/health/other similar aspect of contexts or subjects.
  • Who owns the copyright to my photos?
    You do, the copyright of your photos will remain with you. You are giving 123RF the right to sublicense your photos on your behalf via the 123RF.com platform.
  • How much can I earn from my photos?
    123RF.com will pay 30% to 60% on photo licensed by our clients. Please visit our 123RF.com Contributor Royalties and Commissions page for more information on earnings here : http://www.123rf.com/contrib_structure.php
  • How will I get paid?
    123RF supports 3 payment mechanisms:
    • Paypal - minimum $50 in earnings to qualify for payment
    • Moneybookers/Skrill - minimum $100 in earnings to qualify for payment
    • Checks - minimum $200 in earnings to qualify for payment
  • When will I be paid?
    123RF will automatically check if your earnings exceed the minimum amounts to qualify for payment at the end of every month. If your earnings exceed the minimum amount for the payment method you have chosen, 123RF will automatically send your payment via Paypal or Moneybookers/Skrill by the 18th of the following month. If you have chosen checks your check will arrive by the end of the month in your correspondence address.
  • Can I be paid via Telegraphic Transfer directly to my bank account?
    No, 123RF does not support Telegraphic Transfers.
  • Can I remove an approved photo?
    Yes, you may. Removed photos will take effect within 48 hours. 123RF reserves the right to sell any removed photo for up to 30 days from the time the photo is removed from 123RF.com.
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