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Vector - Vector set of sale design elements isolated on white background.

Vector set of sale design elements isolated on white background.   Stock Vector - 9024367
Vector set of sale design elements isolated on white background.
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Image ID : 9024367
Image Type : Stock Vector
Copyright : studiom1

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abatement, advantage, advertise, advertisement, advertising, announcement, assurance, attach, attention, award, badge, banner, bargain, best, bestseller, bid, bill, billboard, blank, bonus, brochure, business, button, buy, buyer, celebration, certificate, certificated, certified, certify, choice, chop, collection, commerce, commercial, commitment, concept, consumer, corporate, cost, coupon, cover, creative, customer, data, descriptive, design, diploma, discount, display, document, ecommerce, economy, element, emblem, empty, envelope, eshop, excellence, excellent, exclusive, finance, first, flyer, food, frame, free, fresh, gift, good, graphic, guarantee, guaranty, heraldry, holiday, hot, icon, identity, illustration, image, inscription, insignia, internet, inventory, invitation, isolated, label, mark, marker, market, marketing, medal, medallion, merchandise, merchant, message, money, moneyback, new, notice, notification, number, off, offer, original, packaging, packing, pay, payment, percent, percentage, perfection, placard, poster, premium, present, presentation, price, pricetag, pricing, print, prize, procent, product, promo, promote, promotion, promotional, purchase, quality, rebate, recommend, reduction, representative, retail, retailer, reward, sale, satisfaction, screen, sell, seller, service, set, shape, shipping, shop, shopping, sign, simple, site, sold, special, stamp, sticker, store, success, supermarket, symbol, tag, template, ticket, top, trade, trading, verified, verify, warranty, web, website, www
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