Vector - Approved and rejected icon set.

Approved and rejected icon set. Stock Vector - 9392471
Approved and rejected icon set. (thumbs, icon)
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Image ID : 9392471
Image Type : Stock Vector
Copyright : studiom1

Vector Keywords

accept, achievement, add, addition, admit, affirmative, agree, agreement, answer, approbate, approval, approve, approved, aqua, arrow, attitude, auspicious, banner, bar, best, bright, browse, bubble, business, button, cancel, canceled, check, checkout, choice, choose, circle, click, collection, color, communicate, communication, competition, computer, concept, concordance, confirm, confirmation, congratulate, connection, consumer, control, cool, correct, customer, damaged, decision, decline, denied, design, direction, dirty, down, download, element, empty, exam, excellent, exclude, exclusion, fail, fist, forward, gesture, glass, glossy, go, good, graphic, great, green, guarantee, hand, happy, high, icon, idea, inspector, interface, internet, invalid, media, menu, message, motion, navigation, negative, no, notification, object, ok, okay, online, option, original, page, panel, pass, perfect, permission, plastic, play, positive, praise, preference, press, problem, proceed, process, push, qualify, quality, question, red, refuse, regulations, reject, rejection, response, result, reverse, right, round, sanction, satisfaction, scratches, seal, search, security, select, selection, set, shape, shiny, sign, signal, simple, site, solution, square, start, stop, submit, success, successful, support, symbol, template, test, thumb, thumbs, true, trust, up, valid, validate, validation, verification, verify, victory, vote, voting, warning, warranty, web, webpage, website, win, winner, wrong, www, yes
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