Stock Audio FAQ
1. What is Royalty-Free Stock Audio?

2. How do I purchase audio content?

3. My file is completely downloaded however, I cannot open it, please help!

4. I'm having problems while downloading an audio file, please help!

5. What are the technical specifications and formats of the audio files that I will get?

6. Can I share my audio downloads with my friends and colleagues?

7. Do I get to choose the type of audio format when I purchase?

8. How do I remove the "stock audio" phrase that keeps on repeating when I preview the file?

9. Where can I view the license for stock audio content on

10. If the format I need is not available for download in 123RF, what should I do?

11. Can I re-download the file?

12. I have more unanswered questions on my mind about purchasing audio content. What should I do?