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Ever wonder how you ended up becoming a parent to a litter of cats? Simple - One cat just leads to another! Who can resist such delicate toe beans and their silly antics of pouncing, playing and fighting each other all day long? From cute little kittens and stray alley cats to wild ferocious felines in their natural habitats, cats are loved worldwide regardless of their breed and characteristics. We have the fictional cartoon cat Cheshire, the witches' black cat and the big fluffy domestic Maine Coon. In terms of fur, there are the longhair types like the ragdoll, shorthair ones like the Scottish fold, or the hairless Sphynx. You'll find all sorts of adorable cat and kitty portraits to captivating wild forest cat visuals right here for your creative projects - be it for calendar prints, wildlife conservation campaigns or even for your own personal wallpaper collection. Let's get meowing!


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