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Forest Jungle

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Read this slowly: Every jungle is a forest but not every forest is a jungle. Forests have dense, very large, big and tall trees covering a considerable landmass. While a jungle is a forest but it is located within a tropical zone or humid climate and typically has have many different species of plants thriving in the undergrowth between trees. The tropical rainforest is a hotbed of of flora and fauna, wild and exotic plants and herbs can be found here. Many species of wildlife call a jungle their home like, tigers, lemurs, apes, monkeys, birds and reptiles such as the frog and snake. Rainforests can be found in many countries such as Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Malaysia, South America and Australia. Some popular rainforests are the Amazon Rainforest in South America, Congo Rainforest in Africa and Southeast Asian Rainforest. We have all these in our stock-photo collection, why not get some in your design today?


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