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Nowadays, people are interested more on the different styles of gardens from english and cottage garden, japanese garden, indian garden, labyrinth garden, versailles garden, chinese garden, hawaii tropical botanical garden and many more. Besides representing a natural environment with plants and trees grow within, gardening brings more benefits to the people and environment. It's taking the carbon dioxide from the air and in return plants replenish oxygen into the atmosphere. Apart from that, when you grow your own fruit and vegetables garden such as mango, grape, tea and herb, you get all the fun of gardening in addition to being able to enjoy your own fruits and vegetable. For people who tend a flower garden, they are blessed with a great relaxing view and surrounded by the sweet aroma of roses, gardenia, lily and more. Whether you’re surveying the right style for your garden, or you’ve been gardening for years, you’ll find our garden stock photo collections calmly inspiring.


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