About Lights images

A strategically placed spotlight and light beams in the backdrop serves to draw attention to the main subject, it is used to put a performance, a person or a band right front and center on stage. Find different kinds of lights photos, backgrounds, backdrops and vectors that might be excellent for your project within 123RF's collection. We carry many concepts that involve light from the abstract and speckled, from blurred like a bokeh to laser clear, from relaxingly dim to radiant brilliant bright. There are also images of refractions, optical illusions, microdermadbrasion, light microscope, cube escher optical illusion and light at the end of the tunnel. There are images and background with certain effects applied too such as faint color, vivid, darkness to light, dappled light, shining light, shadow, blurred lights, low contrast, shimmering, using soft light, special effect, dim light, and many more.


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