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Serniors and the Elderly

About Serniors and the Elderly images

The elderly, senior citizen, retiree and pensioner are the terms we often use to label people in their twilight years. But let's not forget the roles that they hold, grandparents, beloved grandmother and respected grandfather. If you are looking for images and depictions of the elderly covering every ethinicity for your projects, our stock photo collection is sue to have it. Popular happier themes include elderly couples who have stood the test of time simply holding hands or blessed grandpa and granny spending quality time with their loved ones spanning several generations, or just playing video games enjoying their retirement. If you need less happy themes that cover geriatric issues, for example, an old man in a wheelchair or walking with the aid of a walker, settings in a nursing home, a nurse or caregiver tending to those with dementia, we have that too.


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