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Among other furniture in your home, the sofa would be associated with being a comfortable piece of furniture that two or more people can sit on. Some people go to great lengths to purchase the best one there is as many hours are spent relaxing and lounging on it. There is much to consider before buying a sofa or couch such as how many seater, its design, color, material and texture. Here at 123RF, we offer a wide array of sofa selection in our curated library from vintage to modern sofa sets, premium chesterfield sofa, woman or family sitting and relaxing on sofa, man resting or sleeping on sleeper sofa, interior with leather sofa, velvet cushions on sofa in the living room, close up of recliner sofa, upholstering sofa, living room interior mockups with sofa and everything in between. Find the best photo or cartoon illustration to suit your project needs here within the comfort of your home!


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