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Traffic Signs and Signals

About Traffic Signs and Signals images

Traffic signals benefited all road users in order to minimize the number of accidents, smoothen the traffic flow and help save people time. For example, there's a pedestrian signal push button at every crosswalk. When the button is pressed, they will know when is the right time to walk across the road. Usually, at every road intersections and crossings, there will be traffic lights with three different colours to tell drivers what to do. Besides that, every transportation on the road either car, bus, motorcycle or bicycle, it has the function to help road user communicate with each other. For example, there are car light tail, caution light, brake light, emergency warning light and many more. Our stock photo collection have imageries from the basic traffic signal and symbols into the most famous and busiest crosswalk in the world, Shibuya Crossing in Japan. What are you waiting for? Browse our collection today!


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