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TV and the movies are very influencial media, so much so that it is been known to shape our thinking and the way we talk and act. As an mainstream entertainment industry, TV studis and production power houses that are typically centered around Hollywood employ thousands of professionals at every level of production, from production crews, to directors, script writer, videographers and actors. At times hundreds of individuals would be involved in making a film, documentary or a series a success, which may earn the film firm crew honor and due recognition with a red carpet receiption of the Academy Awards, or more popularly known as Oscars. Popular movie making genres such as action, horror, romance and many more are classified based on audience age and the content that is being depicted. Our stock photo and illustration collection contains many elements that is related to the movie making industry, from projectors and movie reels to ticket stubs and countdown elements. What are you waiting for? Start exploring our collection today and incorporate these elements into your projects.


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