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Washing and Cleaning

About Washing and Cleaning images

Washing and cleaning has always been part of our personal and daily hygiene. Washing is known as an act of cleaning by using water, soap or detergent. Browse through our vast array of washing and cleaning related photos and illustrations to find the perfect visuals to captivate your potential client with your end product. In this collection, you'll find images or cartoon of a woman washing her face, washing products such as body shower, shampoo, body scrub, mouthwash, hand or bar soap, close up of hand using sanitizer, to cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, scrubber to washing machine, washer, people doing laundry, taking clothes out from the dryer, or a man using pressure washer to clean walls or at a car wash. There are also images and illustrations of cleaning icon or instructions for you to choose from. 


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