123RF Commission Structure

Earn from 30% to 60% Commissions

When you upload your creative works with us.

123RF Commission Structure

Commission Breakdown

How much can you earn per download?

Your Contributor LevelSubscriptionCredits
1 (0-999)$0.21630%
2 (1000-4999)$0.28840%
3 (5000-19999)$0.36050%
4 (20000-49999)$0.37452%
5 (50000-99999)$0.38954%
6 (100000-499999)$0.40356%
7 (500000-999999)$0.41858%
8 (>1,000,000)$0.43260%

All earnings will be rounded to the nearest USD$0.01.

Some Questions & Answers

  1. What if I don't have 12 months worth of downloads?

    We shall sum up the previous 12 months, whether or not you have a complete 12 month sales cycle.

  2. What about refunds, fraudulent downloads and cancellations?

    Please understand that refunds, cancellations and fraudulent downloads can be reversed at any time. We shall take all efforts to take these into account, however, once we have tabulated a contributor's level for the month, it would stay stagnant for the preceding month.

  3. If you have any further questions, kindly feel free to email submission@123rf.com with your inquiries directly.