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It is possible to make a huge difference if each of us contribute our efforts, big or small, in order to make the Earth a better place.
Since 2005, 123RF's commitment has always been to offer a wide variety of stunning yet practical high quality images, illustrations and footage. Today, we extend our commitment to do our part for the environment, save wildlife from the threat of extinction and give aid to communities in need.
Our Environment, Our Home.
At 123RF, we are making changes in our own working and personal life. We minimize wastage, reuse what we can and recycle what we can't. We understand that to save the environment from permanent damage, we must first make a fundamental change in our lifestyles.
In 2009, 123RF staff began utilizing recyclable and biodegradable papers. We are reducing the use of plastic and laminated paper in all our marketing materials because we feel that this is just one of the numerous ways of moving towards a greener environment.
123RF joined forces with by enrolling in the Carbonfree Small Business Program to fight negative climate change. This collaboration gives us the chance to repair the damages caused by our own carbon footprints that is being released to the atmosphere.
Our Community.
Vaccines , diagnostic test kits, water kits and teaching material 'Friends of UNICEF'
Today, there is a large number of communities that need help in many ways and hopefully, this is where 123RF's assistance will be invaluable. We hope our social investment will encourage a positive long term progress, in terms of better health and living condition.
Offering help to those in need is one of the core values that we learned to embrace since young. At 123RF, we are committed to help communities thrive and transform their lives for the better.
Precious Wildlife.
In support of protecting wildlife from the threat of extinction, 123RF adopted 12 endangered species - Lion, Tiger, Polar Bear, Whale Shark, Proboscis Monkey, Red Panda, Mekong Dolphin, Snow Leopard, Sea Turtle, Amur Leopard, Hammerhead Shark and Emperor Penguin.
123RF is also a Partner in Conservation with WWF. We are contributing towards conservation efforts of WWF to help protect animal species, stop and prevent deforestation to preserve their habitats and conserve the abundance of natural resources that are available. Fact is, there is a shocking amount of 100 trees being cut down every minute.
Through this small but meaningful initiative, we are doing all that is possible to help protect nature's precious gems. Everyday, WWF is doing their best to create a better living for animals and we too, are following in their footsteps.
The population of animal species on earth is rapidly plummeting and soon, they will be extinct. Animal extinction is usually caused by damage of natural habitat, abused usage of natural resources, hunting of animals, pollution and more.
"It's important to realize that human populations and activities will continue to grow and to threaten the earth's habitat and capacity to sustain life, putting once flourishing plant and animal species on the ever-increasing endangered species list."