1. What is the difference between Stock Images and Editorial Images?

2. What does Editorial mean?

3. How can I search for Editorial Images on 123RF.com?

4. Can I use an Editorial Image in an advertisement of my product/service?

5. Can I use an Editorial Image with a celebrity's likeness in it to endorse my product/service?

6. Can I use an Editorial Image as part of a montage?

7. Can I clone, montage in or add elements into my Editorial Content submissions?

8. Can I touch up or edit Editorial Images using Photoshop or any other image editing software?

9. Can I create my own Editorial Images?

10. Who owns the copyright of those submitted images?

11. Must I credit all Editorial Image in my publication?

12. Will 123RF.com be responsible for any representations or warranties related to the Editorial Image?

13. What are the terms of use for Editorial Image?