Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
General Questions
1. What on earth is stock photography?

2. Define Royalty-Free.

3. What’s the difference between Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed?

4. What’s in it for me to subscribe to 123RF?

5. How often does 123RF add new content?

6. How many photos or vectors can I download?

7. Can my clients use the content too?

8. I want to use a vector icon as my company logo. Is it ok?

9. Can I use content marked as "Editorial Use Only" for commercials?

10. Can I use content marked as "Editorial Use Only" for editorial articles and other publications? Are there any restrictions on usage?

11. Can I use a Standard Royalty-Free Photo or Vector for editorial articles and other publications? Are there any restrictions on usage?

Registration And Account Information
1. I want to register as 123RF’s customer. Is there a fee?

2. Why should I register an account with

3. Do I need to register before purchasing credits or a subscription?

4. I just want to browse your site. Do I need to register?

5. So, how do I register with

6. Will the registration process take a long time?

7. Does 123RF require me to enter my credit card details during registration?

8. Can I share my account with my colleagues?

9. OMG! I forgot my password. What now?

10. Can I change the password issued by you guys, into something that I can easily remember?

11. Can I change my username?

12. Where do I edit my particulars and other registered details?

13. How do I unsubscribe from 123RF mailing list?

Privacy And Licenses
1. How do you protect my privacy? Will my personal information be passed on to a third party?

2. How may I use your content? Are there any restrictions?

3. What is an Extended License and when do I need one?

4. Do I have to pay every time I use the content?

5. Do I credit the photographer for the content used?

About Our Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Vectors, Video Footage and Audio
1. Why is your stock content priced lower than other companies? Are they are lower in terms of quality?

2. Are all of 123RF’s content model and property released? How do I get a copy of it?

3. Can I just download/copy and use the Royalty-Free content?

4. What’s comping content?

5. Can I get a higher resolution comp?

6. I’ve just downloaded a JPG photo, but it is in a JPG format. Can I get the uncompressed format?

7. I’ve downloaded the content, but it’s not the exact file size as stated on your site. Why?

8. Do you supply photos that are higher than 300 DPI?

9. I've just purchased a photo, but it looks smudged! Is this the original photo or an edited one?

10. Can I get exclusivity for the use of the content that I’ve bought?

11. Are your content available only in screen resolutions?

12. How long can I use the content?

13. What are the content formats available on

14. I’ve downloaded a RGB format photo. Can I convert it to CMYK?

15. Are your illustration content layered?

16. How long will the content I’ve purchased by credit/subscription be available for download again at my ‘Download History’? Will it expire?

17. I’ve downloaded a particular content a few months back. But I don’t see it at my ‘Download History’ now, and I can’t search it on either. What’s up?

18. Where do I view my available credits or the expiration of my subscription plan?

About On Demand Credits
1. What are Credits?

2. Will the download credits expire?

3. How do I purchase single contents?

4. How many content files can I purchase in a day/per transaction?

5. I have insufficient credits in my account. Can I combine credits with another existing 123RF account?

6. There’s remaining credit balance in my account. Can I exchange it for cash?

7. What should I do if I face difficulties in downloading content? For instance, an incomplete download due to connection or technical issues. Do I get a refund on credit that has been deducted?

8. If I download a content more than once, will it affect my credits or available daily downloads?

9. The downloaded content has problems. Can I get a refund?

About Our Subscription Plan
1. How does a subscription plan differ from a credits plan?

2. What subscription plans are available?

3. I’m downloading the same content. Is it considered multiple downloads?

4. Can I redownload content which I've downloaded earlier after my subscription plan expires?

5. Can you add extra days to my plan if I fail to download content during the subscription period?

6. Will I be informed of when my subscription plan will expire?

7. I've used up my quota. When will it be reset?

8. How do I cancel the auto-renewal for my subscription plan?

Image Searching And Likebox
1. How do I search for content on

2. Do you offer free content research?

3. How do I get detailed information about a content?

4. What’s a Likebox?

5. How does the Likebox work?

6. Where’s my content? I added it into my Likebox a couple of weeks ago but when I want to buy it today, it’s no longer there.

7. Can you zip the content in the Likebox for me?

Buying Process
1. How do I purchase single RF content or subscribe to 123RF plans?

1. I feel insecure conducting online transaction with my credit card. Are there any other payment methods?

2. Is your site secure?

3. Do you keep my credit card details?

4. Help! I’m trying to purchase a content from your site but my transaction was declined.

5. Are there any hidden credit card charges?

Downloading Images
1. How to download content once I’ve purchased them?

2. How long does it take to download a content?

3. Where do I find a record of my previous download?

4. How can I download a content I’ve previously purchased? Will I be charged for the download again?

5. Help! I’ve downloaded the content, but I can’t remember where I’ve saved it.

1. How can I get a refund?

2. Why didn't I get a full refund as stated by your 100% money back guarantee?

Technical Questions
1. I’ve registered but I can’t login! What should I do?

2. Which browser is compatible with

3. I’m unable to access or make purchases. What do I do?

4. I’m unable to connect to a secured connection to make a purchase. What do I do?

5. Why does the system log me out automatically?