Breathe New Life Into Your
Google Productivity Suite

As the 1st Google Add-on of its kind, 123RF Stock Photos lets you search & add images into your documents
- without opening a new tab.



Create impressive documents to entertain your audience!



Design questionnaires that excite and get answered!



Coming Soon!


Spice It Up With Beautiful Images

Visually enhance your documents and forms with 123RF Stock Photos.
Browse and choose from 60,000 free high quality photos and vector illustrations!

Install 123RF Stock Photos add-on in 5 Easy Steps

You'll need to sign up for a 123RF account if you haven't - it's free!

Step 1:

Open a new or existing Google Document.


Step 2:

Select "Add-ons" in the menu, and click "Get Add-ons..."


Step 3:

Type to search for "123RF Stock Photos".


Step 4:

Click on the "Free" button to install.


Step 5:

Look for the add-on icon and click to launch the 123RF Stock Photos add-on. It will open as a sidebar!