Photographer's FAQ
Getting Started
1. How do I register as a contributor/photographer?

2. When am I considered an approved contributing photographer at 123rf?

3. What's the royalty structure at 123rf?

4. How can the images I contribute to 123rf be used? Are there any restrictions?

5. I just registered as a photographer. What should I do next?

6. Why does it take so long to review my images?

1. What are your photographer submission terms and conditions?

2. What image format does 123rf accept?

3. What happens if I submit images which do not fulfill any one of the requirements given?

4. What kind of images are preferred by 123rf?

5. Are editorial images accepted?

6. Can scanned pictures be uploaded?

7. Does 123rf accept illustrations?

8. What about properties, landmarks and logos?

9. Do I still have the right to use the photos or do I hand over the complete rights of my pictures to 123rf?

10. I have photos on the other stock sites, can I upload them to your site too?

11. How many images can I submit?

12. What happens to my rejected uploads?

13. I just uploaded some images, but I can't find them on the site?

14. How long does it normally take for my accepted pictures to be made available for sale?

15. How can I get my images removed from my portfolio?

16. How long will the review process take?

1. Any guidelines which I need to consider when I keyword and describe images?

2. How can I edit keywords of images that I have submitted?

3. I've got my own website, can I put a link to your website with your logo on my site, and say that I am a contributor to 123rf?

4. Why must I provide keywords in English only? Should I add keywords in my native language as well?

1. What is a release?

2. Where can I obtain model/property release forms?

3. How do I submit a completed model/property release form together with my image?

4. How do I get a release for a deceased model?

5. The image I submit has myself in it. Do I need a model release?

1. My account has surpassed the minimum payout limit. How do I request for payment?

2. What forms of payment does 123rf offer?

3. Who do I contact if I have further questions?