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Welcome to the 123RF Referral Program!

Use Affiliate Links
3 Easy Ways to link to us:
Link to our Main Page - Please login to view your referral codes.
Simply use this standard link in forums, signatures, blogroll links, etc.
Link to Your Profile - Please login to view your referral codes.
Link your friends / people directly to your profile page where they can view all latest comments, favorite members, summary of images and more!
Link to ANY Image detail - Please login to view your referral codes.
Share any content on 123RF with your friends or clients. Once they purchase, you earn! Just add your 123RF User ID at the end of the link.
Referral Links, Animated and Static Banners
Choose any banner, 8 sizes available! Simply copy the code and paste it wherever converts best on your website.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Referral Program FAQ
1. What's the 123RF Referral Program?
A Referral Program is an affiliate program where you get rewarded for promoting 123RF to friends and associates!
2. How does the Referral Program work?
1. Get your referral link here
2. Share it around!
3. Earn every time a friend registers for an account via your link and purchases a package.

*Earn 25% or up to USD $300 commission on your referral's first credit or subscription package purchase.
3. How much do I earn from referring a friend?
You could earn 25% or up to USD $300 commission on your friend's first credit or subscription package purchase.
4. Who should I refer this program to?
Anyone who uses stock content! They could be :
  • Creative professionals, web designers and bloggers
  • Book and newspaper publishers
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Media and corporate organizations
  • Filmmakers, editors and production houses
  • Anyone who loves photos, illustrations, vectors, footage, music and sound effects!
5. Do I get referral earnings if I refer a content contributor?
Only if your new referrals purchase a credit or subscription package within a year of signing up via the referral link. However, if they only contribute content without making any purchase, you will not receive any earnings.
6. Where do I get a referral link?
Step 1: Login to your account.
Step 2: Click on "Referral" located at the footer
Step 3: Click "Start Earning Today" or this
Step 4: Pick a link and banner to send to your friends!

*Referrals only work when a new user clicks through your custom referral link, registers for an account right away (in the same browser window) and purchases a package.
7. How do I check my referral stats and referral earnings?
8. I referred my friend, she purchased a package, but I didn't get my referral fee. What's up?
Oops! Please contact us at and we will investigate.
9. Will I continue to receive referral earnings after my referral's first purchase?
You will only earn from your referral's first purchase, and not after that. But hey, you can always refer new contacts to us and get new earnings when they purchase.
10. How do I withdraw my referral earnings?
I am a content contributor

Your referral earnings will be automatically credited into your content sale earnings.

I am not a content contributor

Step 1 : Head over to your Account Settings
Step 2 : Click on Payment Details and key in the necessary information.
Step 3 : Once your referral earnings has passed the minimum threshold selected, just drop us an email at :
We hope our FAQ helped! If you still have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us at