AI Image Extender

Extend your images with AI to fit different sizes and resolutions.

Upload your photo, select your ideal ratio and watch our AI expand the image while maintaining the context of your picture.

Formats: JPG or PNG (max. 5MB)

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How to use AI Image Extender

Upload image

Upload image

Easily upload an image file by using the drag-and-drop upload box.
Expand your image

Expand your image

Adjust your image and choose the aspect ratio you desire.
Design and export

Design and export

Preview and edit your image. Click "Export" for a high quality image file.
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Extend to many ratios
Intelligently adapts to the original image style

123RF’s AI Image Extender, resizes images without distortion or stretching of image quality. Access a variety of aspect ratio presets to fit your image or use custom ratios for any project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our AI-powered Image Expander tool effortlessly enlarges your images with the help of artificial intelligence. Simply upload your photo through our editor, where you can then opt for your preferred aspect ratio or choose a custom area for enlargement. Allow our image resizing software to enhance your photo without any compromise on quality or fine details. Afterward, you can conveniently download your enhanced design, share it via email online, or incorporate your AI-enhanced image into any other creative project.
  • Our AI-driven Image Expander, simplifies the process of enlarging images with just a few clicks. Elevate the quality of banner images in your digital ads, preventing them from being excessively zoomed in or cropped on platforms like Instagram Stories and other social media channels. Furthermore, convert portrait photographs into captivating landscape compositions that seamlessly integrate into your website or design layout.
  • No, when using the AI Image Extender tool, the primary objective is to expand the background around the main subject of the original image without distorting or compromising the integrity of that subject. This tool employs advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze and understand the main subject's contours and features. It then strategically adds content to the surrounding areas in a way that complements and enhances the image without altering the core subject.